Eve's Apology in Defense of Women

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In the poem, "Eve's Apology in Defense of Women" by Amelia Lanier the author decides to bring up the topic of Adam and Eve's sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge in the beginning of time which is what caused sin to enter the world. Amelia Lanier takes a strong stand against discrimination of women which she shows throughout the poem. Lanier composed this literary work during the time of the Renaissance which was a time where the people based their whole life on the Bible and based their attitude towards women from the creation story and blamed women for everything. Although men dominated society during this time, that didn't stop Amelia Lanier from stating her views loud and clear on women and how it wasn't Eve's fault at all and even…show more content…
There was a stereotype going on during this time that women were weaker and less intellectual so Eve couldn't have known any better and couldn't discern from right and wrong. It is said in the Bible that Eve was created from a rib of Adam so usually this is used to portray women as inferior, created from man, a secondary creation, however Lanier uses this to downplay the possible evilness within Eve, since anything imside her would have come from Adam. Throughout the poem, Amelia Lanier is the voice of all the women who don't appreciate being known as the root of all evil because of Eve. Eve was never warned of the consequences that would follow committing the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge and she wasn't even told that she couldn't eat from it. It was Adam's responsibility to explain to Eve what God had said to him about never eating from that tree since he was the one who heard it from God and not Eve. Lanier never rejects anything that's in the Bible but rather twists it around in order to successfully deliver her argument and questions it's common interpretation during the time of the Renaissance. Although Amelia Lanier tried to place the blame on Adam and completely remove it from Eve, she also placed some of the blame on God which is surprising and a new approach to the events during the beginning of time. Lanier takes the blame

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