Evidence Based Care Of The Patient

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In this essay I will explore the evidence based care of the patient in the above case. It will outline the assessment of an infant with acute bronchiolitis using a suitable framework to determine the appropriate therapeutic intervention. The pathophysiology associated with deterioration and the impact of communication between the family and multi disciplinary team will be explored. This essay will to focus on the initial stages of Joe’s care in the first hour of his admission to the children’s assessment unit. On arrival, Joe’s mother Catherine was distressed and throughout every stage of Joe’s care it was important Catherine was provided with clear information in order to empower her to make informed choices regarding Joe’s care (Glasper et al. 2010). Parental involvement was introduced after the Platt Report in 1959 which recommended that parents should be allowed to stay with their hospitalised child. The report has led to significant improvements in interactions between parents of hospitalised children and the staff who care for them (Priddis and Sheilds 2011). Sousa et al (2013) carried out a study that found communication between parents and children’s nurses is vital. Sousa et al (2013) found that almost all parents who participated in the questionnaire agreed it was a priority to get information on their child’s health condition. This indicates that is important for nurses to manage the child and family as a whole holistically (NMC 2015). Catherine
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