Evidence Based Delinquency Prevention

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Juveniles are the most impressionable beings within society because they are still learning and evolving as they mature. Those that continue along the right path are able to see the fruits of their labor by continuing to go to school and progressing in the right path. However, there are those that choose to enter other areas such as criminal activities and gangs. Prosecuting these individuals only to see them back in the same position some time later is not the ultimate goal of the juvenile justice system. Delinquency prevention and intervention programs are able to mold the juvenile so that they conform to the norms of society and go on to lead productive lives. An evidence based delinquency prevention or intervention program involving law…show more content…
This includes several counties surrounding Dekalb County. This year also presented 7,864 releases with an average stay of 181 days and serving almost 10,000 individuals whether inside or outside of the facility. This does not include those that are housed at the regional facility within the county. The regional facility does do a great deal of work within the community and with the police department and the juvenile justice system. This says a lot about these centers. Of course, this is not to say that it solves all problems. There are those individuals that are not able to go to an YDC and because of that they are housed at an adult facility because of their age. But it can be viewed that they are doing what they can within their specific region in order to rectify the safety and concerns of the offenders and the residents within the…show more content…
This has to change in order for the programs that are implemented can be able to work properly and affect more than just a few. Law enforcement departments and the overall juvenile justice system have a job to handle which is to help those juvenile offenders that they can before they end up in the adult facilities for good. Respect is something that helps everyone within society become a greater person. These juvenile offenders are not familiar with the concept of respect which is creating more
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