Evidence Based Diagnostic Radiography : Theoretical Perspectives And The Research Process

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Understanding evidence in evidence-based diagnostic radiography: theoretical perspectives and the research process in two published journal articles To understand the evidence provided in evidence-based diagnostic radiography, one must first define the parameters in which the research took place. With regard to the articles being analysed, (Mackay et al. 2012 and Carlsson and Carlsson 2013) a discussion between the different theoretical perspectives and types of data acquired during the research process will be explored. Comparisons and differences will then be identified along with any facilitators or barriers that either assisted or impeded the research in question. An explanation of the stages of evidence-based practice (EBP) and a…show more content…
Step four implements the findings that are deemed beneficial in clinical practice. Finally, the evaluation of the process and outcomes are made. This step will either validate or refute the findings and whether they are adopted into mainstream clinical practice. There may be many barriers to implementing EBP into diagnostic radiographic practice. First and foremost, patient cooperation is key. In an age of ‘expert patients’, informed service users may decide what is their best course of treatment regardless of clinical expertise advising to the contrary. This barrier not only could negate the clinician, but could also render the EBP ineffective if the patient decides not to oblige. In order to help facilitate implementation of EBP in this case, a tailored explanation to the patient may be helpful. Due to all service users being unique, this may require the radiographer to access the patient’s individual needs and try a different approach in order to implement the EBP. Another barrier that may arise could come from radiographers who are ‘set in their ways’. Their refusal to change could impede the use of EBP from being put into operation. Training and education in this scenario could help eliminate this barrier and as a result, facilitate best practice. Without employing EBP in diagnostic radiography, the field would never evolve
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