Evidence Based Instruction Essay example

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Evidence-based instruction includes reliable and valuable data obtained from your classroom. When you apply basil tests, unit tests, exit slips, and acuity assessments you need to collect the data from your classroom to organize your classroom groups. You should also use this data to decide who needs AIS or tiered interventions for certain areas. Instructional practices include the previously mentioned assessments. Pretests for all units of instruction can also help you understand what your students already know and who is weak in certain areas. For example, a unit on main idea and details using passages can be difficult for some students. Running records will help to determine what reading level your students are on. From this…show more content…
Scientific-based instruction is something that teachers use all the time in their classroom. Teachers are consistently assessing and evaluating students’ performance, creating and amending individual education plans, lesson plans, and reflecting on their practices. As teachers, we should be doing rigorous research and building hypothesis to base further teaching practices on. During the program that I am in now I’ve learned that for evidence based practices that you must have the access to evidences based- practices, be careful with fidelity, and to check the progress of the students. Today many teachers search websites such as google to create their lesson plans. They do this because many teachers do not have time to sit down and look for the proper research that is needed. These lesson plans that they are finding may not be considered an evidence based instruction method. There are many websites that have been made for teachers which have the proper evidence based programs that are needed for teachers. Next we have to be careful with “fidelity”, which refers to accuracy or exactness to details. Teachers want to be sure that their evidence based methods have strong outcomes from the students. It is important for teachers to not change or leave out any of the steps in the evidence
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