Evidence Based Management

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In theory Evidence Based Management (EBMgt) is making the best possible decision with the most current available research and tools available. EBMgt emphasizes gathering and paying attention to the data, understanding the best current theory about the subject of a particular decision, and continually updating both theory and evidence as new information becomes available (PFEFFER, 2012). In the process creating principles based on evidence to which to follow. Sound like a walk in the park, but principles are credible only where the evidence is clear, and research findings can be tough for both researchers and practitioners to interpret (ROUSSEAU, 2006). Evidence-Based Management theory started from the success of Evidence–Based Medicine. By continued observance of cause and effect on patients, doctors can make a better prognosis on future patients, therefore eliminating unneeded care and cost. The attributes of evidenced based medicine provide a useful reference point for exploring what its counterpart in management might look like (ROUSSEAU, 2006) . .During the past decade several theses on implementation of EBMgt have been browsed upon, but has not gone mainstream with big businesses. A business is not as predictable as the human body. One cannot just give an a business Tylenol and the solution will magically manifest itself from thin air. and there are several road blocks once EBMgt it’s been implemented. EBMgt theory has three basic roadblocks that a manger must
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