Evidence Based Nursing Care For A 57 Year Old Gentleman Who Has Been Recently Diagnosed With Acute Coronary Syndrome

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The aim of this essay is to discuss and explore the evidence based nursing care for a 57 year old gentleman who has been recently diagnosed with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). A case study will be used in order to explore the pathophysiology, aetiology and how to manage the illness as well as published research in order to increase the nurse’s knowledge of the client and provide the best possible care for him. Throughout this essay, the client along with the family will learn how to manage the illness, accumulate more knowledge about it and how to overcome the outcomes of the effects. The main area that will be explored in more depth throughout this essay is the client education which will assist Mr. Peter while in hospital and…show more content…
It is mainly as a result of one of these three problems: ST elevation myocardial infarction, unstable angina and lastly non ST elevation myocardial infarction with chest pain being the main symptom (Linton, 2012). There are five main pathophysiologic processes that contribute to the development of ACS: thrombus on pre-existing plaque, active obstruction from coronary spasm, progressive mechanical obstruction, infection and unstable angina due to oxygen supply to myocardial (Linton, 2012). ACS is mainly caused by thrombus formation on a pre-existing plaque and it can be demonstrated through angiography or autopsies (Marshall, 2010). A thrombus is formed from plasma coagulation and platelets. There are risk factors that contribute to ACS such as cigarette smoking, diabetes, hypertension and high blood cholesterol (Linton, 2012). Both men and women are at a risk of having a heart attack. However it is more common in men especially when having a family background of heart attack, being overweight and inactive (Scruth, Carter, Cheng, Rolley, & Page, 2012). Modifying and identifying the risk factors is important as it can prevent further heart problems. Non modifiable risk factors of ACS include being a male, increasing in age and family history of premature acute coronary syndrome (White, Duncan, & Baumle, 2011). Some modifiable risk factors associated with ACS are high

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