Evidence Based On Intimate Partner Violence ( Ipv ) Or Domestic Violence

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Evidence informed social work
The scenario I have chosen for this assignment is the one regarding Clinton who has disclosed that his partner abuses him. I have attached the scenario in appendix. The purpose of the assignment is to explore evidence based responses to intimate partner violence (IPV) or domestic violence. Researchers in the area relating to physical, psychological and sociological abuse between partners use the terms intimate partner violence and domestic violence interchangeably (Corbally, 2015, Wilson et al., 2015). For this reason I will use these terms interchangeably in this assignment. Domestic abuse refers to any type of violence which occurs between intimate partners, regardless of sexual orientation of relationship and status of relationship (Dutton, 2006). I will focus mainly on evidence based practice that is utilized or should be used by social workers when working with male victims of domestic violence. To do this I will demonstrate different types of evidence and research that social workers use when working with male victims of domestic violence, and also explore the links between research, evidence and practice, and evaluate the ethical and value base of the research in order to fully explore the robustness of the research in the area and link it to social work values.
With reference to Clinton’s case, to be able to work with him in an anti-oppressive way and make effective decisions, I will have to evaluate my knowledge of domestic violence.
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