Evidence Based Practice And Applied Nursing Research

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Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research Evidence Table A1 Quantitative Article: Friedl, A., Aegerter, C., Saner, E., Meier, D., & Beer, J. (2012). An intensive 5-year-long influenza vaccination campaign is effective among doctors but not nurses. Infection, 40(1), 57-62. doi:10.1007/s15010-011-0193-6 Background or Introduction The article above discusses a specific study conducted from 2003-2007, continuing with a follow up from 2008-2009.This study discusses specific ways to improve the influenza vaccination rates among healthcare professionals. The vaccination rates in this study were tracked during the time frame as discussed above. During this time frame there were several influenza outbreaks including the H1N1…show more content…
The researchers from the article named above have analyzed the various types of data to determine which and what groups of employees that vaccinations rose with the specified interventions, and later gave specific ratings for the rationales given by the nurses who seem to have not responded. Researcher’s Conclusion The results were summarized and there was a clearly stated conclusion. It was noted the the above article that surprisingly there was not too much of a significant increase after implementing the said interventions, but it was actually noted that the rates of being vaccinated had actually increased a great deal during the outbreaks between 2003-2009, as discussed above. The said vaccination rates with the doctors were noted to have actually increased, but surprisingly this was not noted amongst nurses. It is said in the article that the study named above could have actually been slightly flawed, as it does not include staff members that got the vaccination outside of the named facility. The article also discusses how the biggest reason that was linked to why that the nurses did not get vaccinated was actually due to the adverse side effects of the medication in the vaccine. Those
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