Evidence Based Practice And Applied Nursing Research Task Essay

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Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research Task 1
A1. Evidence Table
Conrad, A., Grotejohann, B., Schmoor, C., Cosic, D., & Dettenkofer, M. (2015). Safety and tolerability of virucidal hand rubs: a randomized, double-blind, cross-over trial with healthy volunteers. Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control, 4(1), 1. doi:10.1186/s13756-015-0079-y
Background or Introduction
Hospital acquired infections are a big problem today, but the use of disinfectants by the medical staff can help to avoid or limit such exposures to pathogens. The authors’ main purpose of this research article was to educate and teach the importance of hand hygiene and test the reason why certain virucidal hand-rubs result in poor compliance due to the poor tolerability of the products. The overall goal with the study would to show the reason certain hand rubs are not being used and how to improve their formula to increase compliance. The article written by the author was very well written with a thorough abstract. The study was very easy to follow and read, due to the well thought out structure of the article. The authors introduction starts out by stating the approximate amount of hospital acquired infections in the European Union and why hand sanitizers play an important role to avoid such infections. The introductions statement showed the importance of the topic. Although some of the results were complicated and confusing, the discussion laid out the results in layman
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