Evidence Based Practice And Practice

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A. In today 's society, there is a great deal of research and practice about evidence based practice. Most of this is highly sought upon in the field of psychology, where evidence and decision making is key to accomplishing new ideas of treatments for people who retain psychiatric problems. The meaning of evidence-based practice in psychology is that it involves making very educated and supported decisions based on punctilious, unambiguous, and astute evidence (Rousseau & Gunia, 2016). With evidence-based practice, it assists in raising and deriving the issue of what evidence really is, the strength of the evidence, and how practitioners can improve the quality of their evidence (Rousseau & Gunia, 2016). Evidence is a major factor because…show more content…
Third, professionals who are given new, unusual, and unfamiliar situations may have trouble with accessing and retrieving new evidence (Rousseau & Gunia, 2016). Among these main issues, other criticisms that have arose since its beginning include the effectiveness of treatments and evidence. The first criticism states that evidence-based practice has only one approach, which is only one approach for all people. This is an error within itself and in practice because not all people have the same illnesses and not all people respond to one treatment in the same way (Rousseau & Gunia, 2016). Another criticism is that the practice mainly relies on randomly controlled trials (RCTs), which involves randomly allocating one or other of the different treatments under study. This may affect the patient solemnly on the fact the patient may be receiving only one form of treatment that may increase or decrease effectiveness against their illness, or may be receiving a treatment that has not fully researched and may be excessively failing (Rousseau & Gunia, 2016). Evidence-based practice may also rely heavily on human judgement, which may affect a practitioner 's decision on what type of evidence to use before conducting practice on a patient. Their judgement may not be very stable and acceptable, thus causing various problems in their practice and
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