Evidence Based Practice Article Summary Worksheet Individual Work

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NRSADVN 4780—Evidence-based Practice Article Summary Worksheet—individual work Instructions: Complete the following article summary using the articles you’ve chosen. You will complete one summary for each article. Not every article will have all of the sections mentioned below. If your article doesn’t have a particular section, indicate so in the appropriate area and move on to the next section. Submit either this completed worksheet or a word document where you’ve answered each of these questions; the choice is yours!!! IF you create your own word document, please mirror it after this worksheet, being sure to include all pertinent information and number the respective sections as outlined in this document. Student’s …show more content…

It has their titles, and the places they work, which is mostly universities or schools of medicine. Knowing where they work, I believe it’s easy to understand why they’d be interested and working on this topic. 3. Is there an abstract? What kind of information is found in this section? What are the key points from your article’s abstract? No there was not an abstract. In the section that would normally be an abstract, I found there were, aims and objectives, background, design, methods, results, conclusions, and relevance to clinical practice. In these sections, it does spell out what their objectives were, how they designed their test, the methods that they used, and some of the results from their surveys, and how they found a better way to educate their patients, by allowing the patients to determine what was important for them to learn. 4. Is there an Introduction? What kind of information is found in this section? What are the key points from your article’s introduction? Yes, the information found is a short description of congestive heart failure, and some data pertaining to the older people in Europe. Some key points beyond the data, was the importance of patient self-care with this diagnosis. Along with who’s responsible for this patient education. And how hard it is to manage this patient population. 5. Is there a Literature Review? What kind of information is found in this section? How current is and

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