Evidence Based Practice As A Provider Of Care

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As a provider of care, the nurse has a more personal relationship with the patient and can get more information. The provider of care can identify barriers in nursing care and can use this as a foundation to develop a plan, or theory. Evidence-based practice is incorporated in everyday nursing care, because many policies and procedures are the result of this practice. Before a policy is implemented, there is research that is done to provide a positive result. Nursing research has helped in the improvement and prevention of diseases. “Nurses may play a variety of roles in research, including the following: informed consumer of research; participant in research-related activity; contributor to a systematic review process; data collector for a research project; and principal investigator for a research study” (Houser, 2015,p.9).…show more content…
The provider of care is able to collect data from what is being discussed. After collecting data, the provider of care can then provide this information to whoever is collecting it. The provider of care can sometimes be the first one to know if the evidence-based practice is effective. “For an individual nurse, the nursing process requires that the nurse gather evidence before planning an intervention and subsequently guides the nurse to evaluate the effectiveness of care objectively” (Houser, 2015,p. 11). Without the using the basis of nursing, the nursing process, it is hard to get effective results that will benefit the project. During research, evidence-based practice, and theory knowledge, it is always very important
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