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The purpose of this essay is to critically analyse and summarise three selected papers which focus on a structured question, linked to a relevant issue with in my nursing programme. The specific question in focus is “what are the experiences of parents/guardians caring for a child with autism”. Within this essay there will be a description as to how and why the pacific question was chosen. There will also be an explanation of how the correct research papers where allocated. Further on in the essay the three chosen papers will be analysed to determine their trustworthiness. When formulating a question there are two frameworks that can be used these are known as “PICO” and “PIO” these terms will also be discussed in further detail within…show more content…
2010 P123). Cinahl is a popular database which stands for The Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Literature, this is produced by Cinahl information system and contains article citations with abstracts, the articles are retrieved from journals, books, drug monographs and dissertations (Mazurek Melnyk B, Fineout Overholt E, 2010 P58).

Once the database has been selected, the search can begin. As indicated above synonyms need to be established for each component of the research question. The population of the question was parents or guardians so synonyms mothers, fathers, relatives and cares were used as theses have similar meanings which would hopefully generate related articles. For the issue as stated above autistic and aspergers disorder were used. The outcome can be a wide topic, but for this structured question it was experiences the synonyms used were perceptions thoughts and views.

Once the synonyms are established they can now be linked to the Boolean operator Garish & Lacey (2010 P70) state Boolean are simply the words AND, OR and NOT, these combine different search terms together in order for it to be more successful. Search engines handle massive data sets and use Boolean logic to perform complex searches, usually known as advanced searches. The word AND is used between terms to retrieve articles containing both of the terms this allows the database

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