Evidence Based Practice

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Implementation of Evidence Based Practice Rosemary Garcia Implementation of Evidence Based Practice Evidence Based Practice Nursing is the utilization by nurses of Evidence Based Research findings that, according to Houser (2012), steer the nurse toward integration of clinical expert opinion and experience with an unbiased exhaustive review of the best scientific evidence professional nursing care literature can provide while incorporating patient values and preferences. Evidence Based Practice Nursing entails adopting a systematic critical thinking decision making process guided by a deliberate and defined chosen Evidence Based Nursing model path that involves searching,…show more content…
The statistical data results revealed that the MDS PU indicator was not a useful indicator of quality of care and could be misinterpreted if not explained. Family members who are considering long term care benefit from this research and in a facility that might have mistakenly interpreted the meaning of the MDS PU indicator, Evidence Based Practice Nursing would implement corrective measures regarding future use of the scores and thus bring about an improved change. Barriers Preventing Research Utilization Nursing improves when Evidence Based Research findings can be utilized and implemented by nurses in their daily practice. J. Dracup (2006) stated what some nurses had identified as barriers to Evidence Based Research, namely: “accessibility of research findings, anticipated outcomes of using research, organizational support to use research, and support from others to use research.” Dracup believed that “evidence-based practice must include an assessment of the available resources” since the cost of implementation is yet another barrier and “will not be adopted if resources are insufficient to incorporate them into the daily routine” nursing care. G. Mitchell (1999) raised “ the lack of sufficient meaningful research” as an additional barrier. A multidisciplinary effort by researchers and educators of all fields will be
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