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An Appraisal of a Piece of Research-based Evidence Relevant to Healthcare Practice. Since the 1970’s the term evidence-based health care has progressively been used more, the expansion of evidence-based health care has risen with the development of being able to access a range of information. Other factors that have contributed to the use of evidence based health care include; changing of public expectations, political consensus, cost pressures and professional accountability (Hamer Collinsons 2005, cited by Cutcliffe W. & J. Ward M, 2004). There are many different definitions to describe evidence-based practice (EBP), the best known definition was written by Sackett et al (1997, cited by Lindsay, B 2007) he states that EBP is the…show more content…
The pilot study conducted in this research shows that there were a few problems within the overall design of the interview and therefore the researchers decided to make some minor changes to their design, these changes included altering the questions so they were open ended, they also made the interview less structured in able to gain more focused answers in which they could analyse. It is very significant for a researcher to clearly define the target group for their research. The reason for this is so the population is defined into a certain group and therefore the researchers are able to keep within the objectives and the aims of the study (Hickson, M 2008).This study is aimed at a target group of nursing students of all three branches, who were doing either a diploma course or a nursing science degree course and these participants had to have at least been on one practical placement. This allowed the research findings to be relevant to what the researchers wanted to find out. The target group can have an overall impact on the main findings. The nature of the sample that is used in qualitative research designs are clearly focussed to the question that is being asked (Burns, N & Grove, S 2007). Within this study convenience sampling is used, this is a non-probability method. Convenience sampling involves choosing individuals who are closest to hand and

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