Evidence Based Practice For Nursing Practice

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According to Lewis, Dirksen, Heitkemper & Bucher (2014), “Evidence-based practice is a problem-solving approach to clinical decision making. It involves the use of the best available evidence in combination with clinical expertise and patient preferences and values to achieve desired patient outcomes.” Using evidence based practice in nursing is extremely important, because evidence-based practice is the result of others trying a practice one way but needing to change some of the guidelines to make the practice safer and over all better for patients.

Nurses always want what works best for their patients rather than having to struggle to find what works. The nurse plays a key role in implementing evidence-based practice because it is the nurse who is the advocate and care giver to their patients. Because of evidence-based practice different aspects of nursing care are always changing. It is crucial for nursing practice to evolve because through research other health care professionals have found things that work best and is resulting in less patient deaths and furthering complications in a patient’s illness. Some of the examples that will be discussed here as result of evidence base practice are: better pain assessments in pediatric patients, preventing pressure ulcers, kangaroo care, music therapy to help distract, better hand hygiene, and teaching parents about life saving techniques.
Pain assessments in pediatric patients can be extremely difficult because of the fact…
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