Evidence Based Practice: Lidocaine Infusion Therapy

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Evidence Based Practice: Lidocaine Infusion Therapy Decreasing the use of opioid analgesia following abdominal surgical procedures at CHI St. Joseph’s Hospital has come under careful consideration with attempts to find alternatives to reduce post-op pain, nausea/vomiting and the cumulative opiate requirements. The current draft protocol for the use of lidocaine infusion is being considered as a potential alternative. A review of literature is necessary to investigate evidence based practices associated with lidocaine therapy used during abdominal surgeries. This paper will add to the evidence already obtained and is intended to support the attempt to reduce opioid use in abdominal surgical patients.
Literature Search Process
The literature
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The relevancy of the article to the PICO question is demonstrated through its relationship to reducing the need for opioids following abdominal surgery. Lidocaine infusion effects on nausea were realized and may be contributed to the anti-inflammatory and propulsive effects of lidocaine. The statistical significance hewer was not apparent for nausea or vomiting. The authority of the researchers is unclear however the lead author is affiliated with the Institute of Oncology in Vilnius, Lithuania. Accuracy was demonstrated with known statistical calculations and means generation through SPSS statistical software. The values were compared to relative studies with the ability to show statistical significance. The purpose of the study was clearly stated, well defined and without bias throughout the presentation. The limitations of the research were clearly identified and noted. Pain scores were collected and analyzed for the immediate 24 hours following surgery. Pain and analgesic data were not collected for the remainder of the patient’s stay. The study was able to demonstrate advantages to lidocaine use but was not able to demonstrate significant advantage over the epidural methods of anesthesia. The study was unable to provide cost…show more content…
This was clearly defined in the study. Internal validity was demonstrated though patient assignment and exclusion criteria made by an investigator not participating in data collection. Additional use of PASS software was used to randomize and provide allocation preventing imbalances in the treatment assignments. External validity was demonstrated with clear objective of the study defined, a pilot study was conducted and an intention-to-treat strategy was developed adjust for patients not completing the study. The Sharpiro-Wilk test, Mann-Whitney U test, X2, and Fisher exact test along with consolidated standards of reporting trials (CONSORT) were employed to further generate validity within the study. The data was displayed using graphs and tables with explanations relevant to the research finding and outcomes. This enhanced the written analysis of the findings. Valid resources and references were used for the study and evidenced by the use these citations within the
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