Evidence Based Practice

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Evidence based practice (EBP) is an important part of social work. Every social policy and interaction with individuals is based on experience and careful selection of research. Moreover it aims to empower individuals and reduce discrimination. Therefore it promotes productive interactions, which is crucial in this economic climate. Therefore. Social workers have to be competent and confident in analysing the latest research and being able to judge whether it is suitable in practice. Moreover this is supported by Standards of proficiency (SOP) section 14 “Be able to draw on appropriate knowledge and skills to inform practice”. The aim of this essay is to critically appraise one of the research articles and reflect on what is good…show more content…
Furthermore Polit and Beck (2006) adds that some researchers will refer this as the purpose of the study however, either way the introduction should at least generally indicate to the reader what is to be studied. The researchers have stated the funders of the research, which is funded research by Department of Health, which could suggest to be biased politically, however the motive is difficult to frame. The methodology was described with the data collection method. Quantitative and qualitative questionnaire which consisted of closed questions with a choice of fixed answers and free text to enhance qualitative data were sent out in the form of mailshot, followed by telephone call to non-respondents and it was repeated for more wider sample results to gain more evidence to reduce bias (Parahoo, 2006). The data was analysed by a computer program, which was identified but not clarified the reason used. Polit and Beck (2006) argue researchers should clarify that the chosen instrument is the most appropriate for their study with evidence of validity and reliability. Futhermore if an established computer program that has already has established validity and reliability is used this should be outlined as stated by Wood et al, (2006) and in this case were not. Data is presented in detail with data tables. The researchers enhanced the readability according to Russell (2005) by presenting their findings under research questions with analysis. As this can help
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