Evidence Based Practice Qualitative Research

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This essay aims to explore the importance of utilising evidence based care while working with clients and other health care providers to form a professional and reliable nursing team. This essay also aims to focus and evaluate a qualitative article entitled “Patient experiences of bladder problems following stroke” selected from the Nursing Standard. The assignment will adopt a systematic approach to expose the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen qualitative research article. I found this topic quite intriguing after undertaking a clinical placement in a stroke unit and learnt that many people suffered in silence as they found urinary incontinence embarrassing to live with as
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However, Strauss & McAlister (2000) argue that EBP has barriers linked to it and they state that it takes time and resources to develop the skills to develop EBP, they further suggest that the practice does not cater for unique clients with complex and multifaceted needs thereby influence legal proceedings. EBP undermines perceived value of forms of evidence and reduce professional judgement and autonomy.

Research is a process of systematic inquiry that aims to develop, refine and expand the body of knowledge of the chosen area (Polit and Beck, 2010). Nurses are expected to be able to understand and increasingly conduct research in order to base and develop their professional practice, guide their interventions and utilise the best available clinical evidence (NMC, 2008).The UWE e-search engine was used to search for research articles as it had a lot of databases relevant to my chosen topic. A cross search was conducted as this enabled me to conduct search through various data bases at once, Firstly, I searched on ‘your subject’, which gives specialist advice, research tutorials and web sites for different subjects, I choose Health and Social Care as my subject, searched for databases for health and social care. I searched the British Nursing Index (BNI) via Proquest because BNI is a UK nursing and midwifery database, covering over 240 UK journals with English
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