Evidence Based Practice Research Essay

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For this week’s assignment, the task has been to read to two types of Evidence Based Practice Research articles: qualitative, quantitative or mixed. A qualitative article is one that via narrative data, investigates and describes a phenomena. While a quantitative article is one that collects and analyzes raw data via precise measurements. Articles were found in a professional organization’s journal that were qualitative and quantitative, Blais & Hayes (2016). Below you will read an overview of these 2 article and a comparative or these 2 type of research to include which this writer prefers. Quantitative Article In the research call, “Understanding the Experience of Miscarriage in the Emergency Department” the study sought to gather data regarding women’s experiences after having had a miscarriage and receive care for this in the emergency department (ED). The study gather participants whom had received treatment for miscarriage at one of three local hospitals via letters after discharge, emails, and…show more content…
However, the 88% of precision in the discharge rate suggests an additional area for improvement. There is a potential for interventions to discharge and treat rapidly lower acuity patients, Alexander, et al.,(2016). Conclusion For the two articles read, this writer felt that both articles were easy to understand due to the studies both being fairly short. The qualitative article was more in depth, requiring more concentration to understand the common themes the women expressed. It expressed an emotional factor while the quantitative article was strictly facts and data. This write appreciates facts and data mostly, thus would choose a quantitative method of research. They are concise, the sampling size can be larger and the limitations to human subjectivity usually are less. It is believed that the accuracy of the study is greater and more
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