Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research Essay

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Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research Yvette Riviere Western Governor’s University Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research Article critique Sayre, M.M., McNeese-Smith, D., Leach, L.S., & Phillips, L.R. (2012). An educational intervention to increase “speaking-up” behaviors in nurses and improve patient safety. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 27(2), 154-160. AREA|METHOD OF REPORT (HOW IT WAS ADDRESSED)| 1. Background information2. Review of the literature3. Discussion of methodology4. Specific data analysis5. Conclusion |Ø Addressed by defining “speaking-up,” with information regarding recent studies made concerning the issueØ Addressed by revealing the impact and danger of…show more content…
Thus, it would not be appropriate to use only the quantitative method or the qualitative method, since the study would not have been well-rounded and precise. Literature research in nursing management In the therapeutic nursing situation, one type of nursing care or management problem would be the chemical dependence of nurses, which largely affects their work attitude and their disposition. Chemical dependent people usually have a tendency to be rude, ill-mannered, and impatient, as an effect of their addiction to a specific drug or chemical. For this, Bettinard-Angres and Bologeorges (2011) have addressed the situation by conducting research on chemically dependent nurses for the purpose of investigating their practices. The study was a profound one, as it delves into the ethical issues that surround both the researcher and the nurses, discussing barriers that may have prevented other nurses to report chemically dependent nurses. · Annotated Bibliography 1. Bettinardi-Angres, K., & Bologeorges, S. (2011). Addressing chemically dependent colleagues. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 2(2), 10-17. This article is a two-phase mixed methods study in which the practices of confronting and reporting chemically dependent nurses in the workplace are being investigated. The quantitative data includes addiction variables and modes of entry into
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