Evidence Based Practice in Management of Cancer Pain

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Evidence Based –Health Care and Social Care 2

Critical appraisal of Outcome Measure (BPI) for Cancer related pain and the use of this outcome measure (BPI) in the effective management of Cancer Pain



- Introduction

- Brief Pain Inventory.

- Psychometric Properties of the BPI

- Is BPI user centered?

- Conclusions


- Appendices

Outcome measure is one of the three components of clinical evaluation. The use of outcome measures provides objectivity to anyone interested in the evidence of effectiveness of intervention (Corr and Siddons. 2005). Indeed, it has
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1983). The design and purpose of the study may determine the most appropriate period to date.

The BPI also contains a section to record information on the patient’s use of pain medication, together with three numeric rating scales, one measuring pain intensity (scored from 0–10), one measuring pain relief (scored from 0–100%), and one measuring interference with daily activity (scored from 0–10). The use of BPI in a in large multicenter trials facilitates the identification of pain levels which represents clinical important cut-offs because of their interference with function. Upon reaching the level 5, the pain intensity begins to have a significant effect on life activities. This allows for an operational definition of “significant” pain when the level of intensity goes beyond 5 (De Conno & Caraceni. 1996). Items assessing the patient’s demographic characteristics are also included within this instrument.

The BPI is a cost-effective assessment tool which does not require any special materials. It is easy for healthcare practitioners to administer to the patient and is also easily understood by the patient as is consists of simple questions, a clear diagram, and easy to use numeric rating scales with straightforward scoring systems (e.g. a score from 0–10 for pain intensity) (Tittle et al. 2003). The patient may need to have the different items within the BPI explained to
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