Evidence-Based Practice in Mental Health Essay

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Evidenced-Based Practice in Mental Health In 2003, leaders in North Carolina’s healthcare field realized they needed to bring about changes to the services they provided in their community’s mental healthcare programs (McLaughlin & McLauglin, 2008). The North Carolina Science to Service Project (NCS2S) was implemented to bring more coordinated, quality healthcare services to their mental health patients (McLaughlin & McLauglin, 2008). The goals of the project were to better match healthcare services to their mental healthcare patient population, apply evidenced-based practice guidelines in their mental health practice, ensure proper resources were allocated for the services, and begin state-wide training programs to their healthcare …show more content…
She stresses often professionals working for state and county mental health centers do not coordinate healthcare services well for their patients, making it difficult to develop effective treatment plans (Ansberry, 2014). This is why North Carolina implemented the NCS2S, which was developed to successfully integrate evidence-based practice guidelines into their mental health programs (McLaughlin & McLauglin, 2008). Evidence-based practice is the use of credible research to help guide better informed clinical decision- making within healthcare practices (Brewster, Sen & Cox, 2012). It also involves a collaborative process between the healthcare provider and the patient to ensure the best possible patient-centered healthcare outcomes (Zengul & O’Connor, 2013). Torrey and Drake (2010) explain evidence-based practice guidelines bring the most up-to-date knowledge to a particular mental health patient’s condition and utilizes shared decision-making to help develop the most effective treatment plan for that patient’s particular situation. From the State Auditor’s 2000 report Study of the State of Psychiatric Hospitals and the Area Mental Health Programs, North Carolina recognized these particular areas where improvement was needed for their mental health
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