Evidence Based Practice in Nursing

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Title: Evidence Based Practice in Nursing




April 20th, 2013

The paper herein provides a critical discussion of evidence based practice (EBP) in nursing. It clearly elaborates on the meaning and definition of EBP as used by nurses as well as the importance of evidence based decision making as it relates to nursing care. It broadly examines the concept of EBP in nursing care and its relevance to nursing practice and to the delivery of quality patient care. Subsequently, the essay will also expound on the broad research methods that are used in evidence based nursing and conclusively show how this evidence can be applied in day to day health care practice.
The Definition and Importance of EBP
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As a result, the preferences of the patients themselves, their families and those of the community as a whole are served (Polit & Beck, 2010).
Moreover, EBP also enhances patients’ access to and information about effective treatment (Eizenberg, 2010). This way, it has largely contributed to improved clinical practice for the nurses (Canadian Nurses Association, 2012). For instance, EBP is very essential when giving medication to patients. The nurse will be bund to explore all the medication options available and then choose the one that give the best results for the patient. At any time, the research informing the decision must use professional judgement (Cullum et al., 2007, p. 3).
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
Nursing research methods could either be qualitative, quantitative or mixed. This paper will focus on the qualitative and quantitative approaches. The qualitative studies approaches applied include methods such as interviews and narrative analyses which help in understanding of a particular phenomenon (Beyea & Slattery, 2006). The quantitative methods involve objectifying and quantifying data in a particular population or the use of survey instruments (Beyea & Slattery, 2006, p. 9). The knowledge generated from
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