Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

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Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Findings of evidenced based practice have to be disseminated to ensure that innovations for practice are replicated or applied in other settings by stakeholders in the health fraternity and healthcare professionals (Forsyth, Wright, Scherb & Gaspar, 2010). One of the objectives of dissemination should be to improve the practice. Dissemination of evidenced based practice findings in nursing is very critical in knowledge synthesis, translation, and translation. It is imperative in strengthening healthcare, informing policy, and improving practice decisions based on clinical evidence (Rycroft-Malone & Bucknall, 2010). This is realized by transforming clinical changes into practice. It actually involves two stage processes namely: translation of evidence into practice and integration of research recommendations into actual practice. Effective dissemination of evidence based practice findings enable staff to share information about developments in healthcare practice and implement innovation (Freemantle & Watt, 1994). Dissemination enables healthcare professionals to make decisions based on the quality of information they receive on effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a proposed healthcare intervention. Dissemination of evidenced based research findings using any medium enables health facility staff members to access research findings and critique the findings (Bradley, McSherry & McSherry, 2010). Service users and carers also access such
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