Essay on Evidence Based Practice in Nursing

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Within this essay Evidence based Practice will be identified and the significant effect it has on the nursing profession, barriers will also be explored in the implementation of Evidence Based Practice. Individuals need specific care tailored to them, it is vitality important to have the correct professional and appropriate personal care. In order to receive this we need to get the patient involved in the decision process, listen to their views and opinions and receive the relevant, accurate, professional and medical information. Once all the information is collaborated a personal care package can be put into practice. Evidence - Based Nursing, An introduction (2008, p.1) “ At is core evidence based ‘anything’ is concerned with using…show more content…
This outlines the fact it is crucial to have the best external evidence including both clinical and professional inputs. It also highlights the patients’ rights preferences and their autonomy should be without doubt taken into account during the research process. The best method for treating patients for nurses and any other medical professionals is to use Evidence Based Practice. This is because it brings together years of accurately recorded clinical knowledge from previous cases with will be relevant in the treating of your patient. The process of using Evidence Based Practice in a patients care plan consists of five key stages. Asses the patient and formulate the problems from this you will then need to access the relevant clinical articles. Using this information you should then be able to assess which is the best method of treatment discarding any misleading or ambiguous articles. You then need to incorporate this knowledge into the patients care plan. Finally you need to evaluate and assess the patient during treatment to ensure effectiveness. Evidence - Based Nursing, An introduction (2008, p. 285 ) “ The rapidity of change and the reorganization of nursing services within the health care sector presents challenges for the advancement of EBP. Managers and administrators should facilitate the uptake of practice based on current, high-quality research by formalizing the expectation that nurses care be Evidence Based”.
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