Evidence Based Research In Nursing

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Research has a remarkable influence on the existing and future practice of professional nursing, thereby making it an essential component of the education process. Nurses utilize research to provide evidence based care that upholds quality health requirements for families, individuals, healthcare systems, and communities. They also utilize research with an aim of shaping health care policy at the local, organizational, state, and federal level. Nurses conduct research, educate about research, and utilize the research in their daily practice. It is only through experience and exposure that students start to comprehend the notion and importance of nursing research (Fain, 2013). Evidence based practice has gained considerable popularity and momentum in healthcare. Clinical knowledge, basic science knowledge, expert opinions, and research findings are all termed as evidence. The evidence based practices are clinical and healthcare practices that take place on the basis of research findings. Such practices have a high likelihood of causing improved patient outcome across various geographic regions and settings. Evidence based practice further emphasize the need to change students education by embarking on more practice-relevant research and improved working association between the researchers and clinicians. Evidence based practice further creates opportunities whereby nursing care can be more personalized, more dynamic, and streamlined. The…show more content…
From the information provided, it is apparent that Joanna Briggs Institute (2008) research falls into the category of strongest evidence based researches. This research is a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials. This means that the information provided in this research is highly valued by the healthcare providers, nutritionists, and parents of obese children (Joanna Briggs Institute,
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