Evidence Based Research

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Evidence Based Research Medicine is a highly specialized and challenging field that requires a nurse to evaluate all circumstances critically and determine the optimal method of care and practice for a patient. One of the most effective tools that nurses can use to ensure the best care of their patients is clinical research, both published and conducted by nurses. Clinical research can explain hospital phenomenon and explores various treatments and protocols (Timmermans, 2005). In many ways, it takes the experimentation out of hospital procedures and replaces it with the proven most optimal solution. With medicine changing and growing on a daily basis, practices that are research-based are becoming a common phenomenon. These practices utilize the most modern studies to determine their care protocols down to the drugs that are prescribed. This paper will explore the advantages, disadvantages, and feasibility of this approach to medicine. Evidence based research offers many advantages to traditional experiential practice. With more developed countries researching medical issues and large businesses funding research projects that would have otherwise been impossible, there are many treatments and cures that doctors might not be otherwise aware of (Eddy, 2005). Additionally, evidence based research provides the physician or nurse a means of educating the patient on their condition and treatment by providing them with applicable studies and information. This is often the
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