Evidence Informed Practice On Facilitating Learning

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Evidence-informed practice in facilitating learning

This paper will seek to explore the literature surrounding the diverse debate and narratives which have defined the body of academic research surrounding facilitating learning and the centrality of evidence-informed practice. There has been a diverse shift in focus between the domains of research and practice. Therefore, this paper will endeavour to ascertain key developments in order to nurture a strong awareness of the available research. The intellectual genesis of this analysis surrounds the work of a British academic, Professor David Hargreaves, who elucidated a new concept of educational research. Hargreaves believed, ?teaching is not at present a research-based profession? (Hargreaves, 1996). The intellectual foundations of research principles in the delivery of education are an important dynamic. This paper, therefore, will outline the academic journey of this progression.
Literature Review ? Evidence-Informed Practice in Facilitating Learning
The purpose of the literature evaluation is to explore the wider academic landscape surrounding the research question in order to develop an understanding of the evolution of current themes and narratives in the education sector involving facilitating learning outcomes and the evidence-based process behind this objective.
Learning: The Basics
In order to fully understand our research, we need to understand the basics. What is learning? This is the start point of…
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