Evidence That Support Animal Testing

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INVESTIGATION – Evidences that support animal testing Contributed to many life-saving treatments The major advantage of animal research is that it aids researchers discover drugs and treatments that will improve health. Throughout history, animal testing has played an important role in leading to new discoveries and human benefit. Louis Pasteur was one of the many scientists who have made positive contributions to the medical world using animal experimentation. He found out that when an old culture of bacteria, now known as Pasteurella, was inoculated into a chicken, not only did it not die but was protected against a later inoculation with a virulent culture. The principle of vaccination with attenuated pathogens was thus discovered. With the sacrifice of animals, Pasteur was able to establish the immunology branch of science. Pasteur repeatedly applied this principle to other diseases such as anthrax, and continued experimenting with animals. His final victory was that of human vaccination against rabies. He transmitted the disease from animal to animal by intra-cerebral inoculation, and adapted the disease to rabbits. He then traced the germ to the brain and spinal cord of infected animals, and, by using desiccated spinal cords, produced a vaccine for rabies. Animal testing has acted as a catalyst; without it, the development of vaccines as well as many discoveries that came after would have been delayed or even never happened. Tests involving use of animals have
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