Evidence and Examples of the Four Learning Outcomes

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ENG 3010 is an intermediate writing course that prepares students for reading, research, and writing. Students develop writing skills in their own discipline or professional communities by analyzing texts, evidence and writing conventions (Bell, 2014). Four course learning objectives provide a foundation in which by the end of the semester a final research paper is produced with a narrowed definitive focus on a particular subject. Each writing assignment is designed to develop a particular area of growth, how specific communities shape texts and functions, how writing and research creates knowledge, and how to analyzing a particular topic in your field of discipline or profession while producing a sustained research paper. I have six artifacts that establish my progression in reading, writing, and researching. My Summary Assignment, Interview and Ethnography Assignment, Group Report In-Class Presentation, Group Report, Post on Conferences, Proposal Feedback, Writers Memo1, and In-Class Writing: Argument for Research that demonstrate that I have successfully achieved the objectives of the four Learning Outcomes set-forth in this class. Learning Outcome One states that students by the end of the class will learn how to “produce writing that demonstrates their ability to identify, describe, and analyze various occasions for writing, genres, conventions, and audiences in their discipline or profession from a rhetorical perspective” (Bell, 2014). Prior to the “Group

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