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EBT 1 -Task 1 Selected Article from a Nursing Journal: APA Citation: Bradley, S., & Mott, S. (2010). Handover: Faster and safer? Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 30(1), 23-32 A2. Graphic: Background Information Traditionally nurses delivered clinical information about the patient, the clinical events on their shift and the plan of care to the oncoming shift to ensure continuity of care and to make sure that their colleagues were informed about tasks or instructions that needed to be completed by the next shift. This process had a variety of names; report, handover or handoff. The format was often different from unit to unit. It usually took place in an off stage room or office or at a charting station from away from the…show more content…
Quantitative data was collected as handovers at three sites were timed pre and post the practice change and this information was analyzed and presented in graphs demonstrating the any differences. Results were tabulated by numbers of patients and staff and average times computed by unit. The mean length of handover with traditional handover was 0.44 hours which deceased to 0.22 hours after the move to bedside handover. Data on the number of adverse patient safety outcomes during handover were gather pre and post implementation and tabulated. Qualitative data collected from nurse interviews, pre implementation of bedside handover indicted that they found the traditional handover to be “difficult and time consuming.” This data was presented in graphs, demonstrating the any differences with in the three sites. Nurses were also asked to estimate the time taken to complete shift handover pre and post implementation. Researchers used a mixed model, descriptive statistics to correlate results and draw conclusions. Researcher’s Conclusion: The authors concluded that there was a clear trend that indicated that shift handover conducted at the patient’s bedside was considerably shorter in duration. Exact figures or estimates, on how this would translate into cost savings in economic terms were not addressed. Researcher’s data found that adverse patient events decreased, which would correlate to previous research that this form of
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