Essay about Evidence for Evolution

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Evolution and Diversity

Evolution and Diversity The foundation for the theory of evolution was laid by Charles Darwin (Rose, n.d.). He developed hypotheses about natural selection which helped scientists develop the theory. Evolution is a theory and not a hypothesis because evolution has been proven by vast amounts of scientific data, research, and testing. The definition of a hypothesis is an educated explanation that needs to be researched and tested but has not yet been proven (Earman, 1984). There has been no scientific evidence to disprove the theory of evolution. The fossil record is evidence of evolution. Fossils are often fingerprints of evolution. They help scientists track how species evolved
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Many die before they are born or hatched depending on species, while many others don’t survive infancy and ultimately into their reproductive years. A portion of those that reach reproductive age will never reproduce due to sterility or other factors. This is a part of the natural selection process. It is often referred to as the, “survival of the fittest” (Frederic, 2011). It is hard to truly estimate what fraction of offspring will survive to reproduction. There are always obstacles to survival for an organism. Climate, food, habitat, and illness are just a few factors which affect natural selection. Ultimately we know that some traits can increase survival rates for individuals such as their color. We know from Darwin’s research that a certain beak length was favorable in finches but that was also dependent on yearly weather (Petren, 2005). Offspring that possess favorable traits are more capable of surviving into adulthood and thus reproducing. We know from genetics that there is an increased likelihood that their offspring would also possess that desirable trait. The population of individuals possessing the trait would increase as more individuals possessing the trait survived to reproductive years, and fewer without the trait did not. Natural selection can help prevent a species from going extinct if they were to face adverse conditions that
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