Evidence of my Competence in Academics and Meeting Personal Obligations as a Teacher

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Section 1.1: Evidencing My Competence in Academics and Meeting Personal Obligations Teaching is one of the most demanding fields a person can go into. A teacher must have a strong understanding of their field and make sure they have personal standards and goals to live up to. Nobody wants to have surgery done by somebody who does not understand anatomy, nobody wants a house built by somebody who has never touched a hammer, and most certainly, nobody wants to be taught by somebody who does not have a strong grasp on their subject field. Students and parents want a teacher who is very capable in that field as a student. Aside from just academics, teachers must be good leaders to not only teach, but help lead their students through the jungle, that is the class’s curriculum. Through interpersonal communication and by using interpersonal skills teachers learn, students have a higher chance of success than when teachers do not possess these traits. Another part of the demand of teaching is you must fulfill all of your own obligations. A mix of grading papers, making tests, calling parents, attending meetings, and still having time for my family, requires lots of planning and staying on top of things. Between school, friends, volunteering, and working, I have many tasks all requiring a good amount of attention. I believe my good handling of this situation will help me down the road as a teacher. In this section I will share recent personal experiences I believe will help me be
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