Evidenced Based Practice: Assessment And Intervention.

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Evidenced Based Practice: Assessment and Intervention Introduction The Smith family is an African American family currently residing in Bartlett, TN. The family owns a home in an established, middle class neighborhood. The Smith’s home is clean, updated and organized. John and Jane Smith, 48 and 45 respectively, live in the home with their 18 year old son, Junior. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith are college graduates and have been financially preparing for their son’s matriculation to college. Mr. Smith was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in the fall of 2015. Mr. Smith has recently been terminated from his job, leaving Mrs. Smith as the sole wage earner. Mrs. Smith is suffering from acute anxiety and is experiencing panic…show more content…
Junior excelled in high school, was confident and secure. Each family member conveyed a positive self-image, and all members of the family were goal oriented. The family is struggling to find their identity in the face of this illness. Each family member reflects values in keeping with their Southern Baptist background with faith playing an integral role in their daily lives. Social Issue #1 Prior to Mr. Smith’s diagnosis, Mrs. Smith worked outside of the home on a part-time basis. Her income was set aside to fund Junior’s college education. Mrs. Smith concentrated on maintaining harmony within the home and was a calm, stable influence in Mr. Smith and Junior’s lives. Since Mr. Smith’s diagnosis, Mrs. Smith has started working full time. The stress created by Mr. Smith’s diagnosis and care needs, concern over Junior’s well-being, full time employment, and financial concerns have caused Mrs. Smith to experience generalized anxiety disorder with panic attack specifier as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM, 2013). The impact of Mrs. Smith’s anxiety and panic attacks takes a heavy toll on the family. Mrs. Smith has been the family member that maintains equilibrium for the family. Without her calming influence, Mr. Smith and Junior have lost their stability. Mrs. Smith provided the steady emotional balance in the family. Social Issue #2 Mr. Smith was a technology division manager at a large
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