Evidences on Abortion Should Not Be Legalized

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Aileen Grace Delima
January 18, 2008
BIO 199
Abortion in the Philippines: Reasons and Responsibilities
Abortion is a controversial issue but it should be discussed because it is happening, and is more widespread than we care to admit. If we truly care about life, then we must understand what is going on (Tan 2008). Ideally, pregnancy is a wanted and happy event for women, their partners and their families. Unfortunately, this is not always so. Around the world, millions of women every year become pregnant unintentionally. In the Philippines, as in other countries, some of these women are faced with a difficult choice: to give birth to a child that they are not prepared or able to care for, or to obtain an illegal, and often unsafe,
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A large percentage of this is believed to be induced abortion.
In the Philippines, no reliable statistics on abortion is available because abortion is illegal. “No woman, doctor on hospital will ever admit to having committed the crime for fear of legal sanctions,” points out the Pro-Life Philippines Foundation, Inc.
In a study made by Josefina Cabigon of the University of the Philippines Population Institute in Metro Manila, 17 percent of the 1,169 women surveyed admitted having had an abortion. In Cebu, Davao, and Tuguegarao, where the abortion studies were also made, abortion is widely practiced albeit illegally.
“About 400,000 unsafe abortions are done every year in the Philippines,” Benjamin De Leon, president of the Forum for Family Planning and Development Inc. “That’s about one abortion per minute.”
In one study by the Philippines Gynecological Society, they count about one in four of total maternal deaths in 78 hospitals all over the country that can be attributed to induced abortion.
In a thesis published in 1982 in Studies in Family Planning, 86 percent of 286 women respondents from Metro Manila, Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao said that poverty was the main reason for their undergoing abortion. Over half of the women who had induced abortion are married, showing that abortion is used to regulate or limit the number of children.
“Economic difficulty is the common for both the

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