Evil And Suffering By John Hick

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Evil and suffering are two very similar terms. Dating back to the creation of the universe, evil and suffering have influenced our existence as human being. Many factors are responsible for how humans cope with, experience, and perceive evil and suffering. Evil can be defined as a moral or natural suffering that affects human beings (Reuter, 29 August 2016). Furthermore suffering can be defined as "a response to threat to integrity of self" (McFarland, 12 September 2016). One of the greatest challenges with evil and sufferings is the differences humans share in dealing with these particular issues both from a Christian point of view and a non-Christian point of view [thesis].
The human experience is different for all individuals; therefore, evil and suffering does not have a uniform structure. According to John Hick, the author of "There is a Reason Why God Allows Evil" there are multiple reasons as to why God allows evil and suffering. Many Christians wonder and often times question evil and suffering. According to Hick, skeptics assume "man is to be viewed as a completed creation and that God 's purpose in making the world was to provide a suitable dwelling place for this fully formed creature" (Hick, 24). In relation to Hick 's argument, this skeptic view is absurd and ultimately false according to Christian Humanists.
"Christianity, however, has never supported that God 's purpose in the creating of the world was to construct a paradise whose inhabitants would…

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