Evil And The Existence Of Evil Essay

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Evil and miracles, can they both exist in our modern everyday life? Evil 's existence has no doubt to be present due to all the horrors we have heard about or witnessed. While as for miracles, the existence is constantly questioned if they exist and what classifies as a true miracle. These concepts battle with theism and cause a great uproar to the existence of a powerful, omnipotent, and omniscient being. The definition of evil is the absence of good while the definition of a miracle is an unexpected, beneficial event. These definitions have counter arguments which include the questioning off both the existence of evil, the existence of a powerful being, and miracles. Evil no doubt has a strong presence and many theologians try to comprehend and offer a solution to the existence of evil. Evil has two forms which are known as the logical form of evil and the evidential form. These two forms of the problem of evil have been distinguished in order to understand the issue of evil. The main argument to the existence of an all good and powerful being is the existence of evil. If an omnipotent being exist evil would be presumed to be absent in our world, however evil remains present. Evil’s existence gives ground for atheism and the belief that an all powerful being does not exist. The logical form of evil implies an inconsistency in theism conspiring the belief of both the existence of God and evil. Statements in which theologians believe in are: (1) God exists and is

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