Evil And The Existence Of God

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This essay is based on how the problem of evil attacks head on into the existence of god who is all good, all powerful and all knowing. The problem of evil is a wide area that can 't be outrun easily.
The concept of evil has been problematic to many philosophers. When speaking about evil, we all have the idea that is the absence of good. For some religious people, Evil has been described as a supernatural force, although for others is been described as part of the human nature.
Blackburn mainly raise his argument against religion, by addressing his argument of evil against the very existence of God. Blackburn states that if evil exist, why is God not doing anything about it. According to religion, God is all powerful, all good and all
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why would god create too much evil in order to make us stronger? Many People claim that through suffering, people grow to become a better person, but at what cost? Because if we do the math, we lose too much to evil than what we benefit from it

For instance, let 's look at the example of this popular fictional character: Bruce Wayne from the Batman series, his story is based on that he lose both of his parents that were brutally murder in front of his very eyes, he sacrifices his own future of happiness in order to protect his city, in which he later became the Batman. As we can see, Bruce Wayne withstood pain to the extend that made him a hero. However, the price he had to paid for becoming a hero was too much. Moreover, no matter how many times he took down his evil enemies, they always find a way to get up, basically the life of this fictional character is mainly suffering.
God is suppose to be the one fighting these battles, our supposedly father who is immortal and all powerful. I haven 't seen a slightly miracle through the entire history, mainly what I read at my history class in my years of high school were mostly about wars and slavery. In my dictionary, History is synonymous of madness.
In what I;m about to say, it may sound uncomfortable for some, but let 's imagine for a moment that your country is at war and for some reason you and your family are stuck in your house, and then a military group breaks into your house and kills both og your parents, and
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