Evil Atop the Mountain of Power in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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There is an understood social order and staying in one’s place retains balance and order in a community or even a country. The leaders at the top are recognized to be equipped with great minds, worthy of the peoples trust, and strong enough to make the unpopular decisions. These substantial men in all their glory sit atop a mountain out of reach to the common man. Never would we encounter them misusing their power for personal gain or to act under the confines of tradition that no longer serve society justly. In the crucible the Puritans of Salem trust their divinely appointed ministers to sweep away the evil among them. The devout and loyal colonists wouldn’t expect the guardian ministers to become the very evil they were set upon crushing. In the case that the conductor stumbles off their intended path this error may be caught when it is too late. The train is gaining speed consuming more and more fuel and amassing raw power. One cannot stop the train to question its new and controversial path. In Good Night and Good Luck nuclear warfare could become reality at any moment. America’s worst fear and most hated enemy is the communist. Junior senator McCarthy takes this opportunity to be the gallant defender of The Union. Common sense says anyone engaging in criticizing him must be a communist and an enemy of the state. Contrary to this type of defense logic is the possibility the procommunist critic is actually the voice of reason and truth that America desperately needs to

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