Evil, Bravery, And Villain In Beowulf

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Throughout the novel there are many battles between good and evil, brave and cowardly, and hero and villain. Beowulf naturally tends to be the brave hero that fights for good. But there are other characters that show signs of bravery or being a coward. Beowulf is a very brave, prideful, and chivalrous man. This shows throughout the story, even to his death. He battles many different evils and prevails every time with little to no help. Beowulf is a hero in this story, and for every hero there needs to be a villain, and in this piece there are three. The three villains are Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the Dragon. These creatures are very powerful, no man but Beowulf would even dare stand up to fight them alone. But Beowulf however took this a step further, he not only stood to fight them alone, but in some cases with no armor. This shows his bravery in contrast to the rest of the characters in the book. …show more content…

But something makes Wiglaf very different from the rest of Beowulf's followers. In Beowulf's last battle with the dragon all of his followers flee in fear of the Dragon. Only one stays to fight and help Beowulf finish off the Dragon. This shows a great dichotomy between Wiglaf and the rest of the followers. Wiglaf is incredibly brave to face a beat of this magnitude. However all of the others that fled show that they are not actually loyal to Beowulf or they would have stayed to help their hero to the end. So not only are these characters not loyal but they are also cowards. These followers are scolded by Wiglaf, while in Beowulf’s last words he leaves his kingdom to Wiglaf because of his bravery and

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