Evil, By Robert M. Adams, James Cain And Richard Hauser On The Eyes Of The Beholder

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Evil is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes a daily reality. To present the problem of evil you must first know that evil exists. Since God reveals himself as the all-powerful, all knowing and all good, how can the same God allow evil to exist and for bad things to happen to good people? Our suffering, as well as the suffering of others, vividly marks the presence of evil in our world. The majority of us struggle at one time or another in life with why evil happens to our family, friends, nation and ourselves. In recent news we also hear about particularly disturbing instances—a child raped, a school shooting, genocide in another country, a terrorist bombing. In this paper, I will review the literature from authors Robert M. Adams,…show more content…
Love does not automatically assume the worst about other people when they wrong us. It is not resentful, as it reveals that it does not quickly reach conclusions about the hearts of others. As a believer of God, real love makes us assume that people have the best intentions when they have not repeatedly demonstrated otherwise. If we fail to assume the best of each other, we can input evil motives where they are absent and grow resentful. In the article by Robert Merrihew Adams, the author states “If personal substances are the most important objects of love, regret over a merely abstract badness of events of a war would not provide enough reason to wish away the existence of all or most of the individual human persons we know and love”. I agree with this passage because I believe the author is trying to explain that despite all the wrongful events that have happened and will continue to happen in the world, love is confident in the victory of good and is ready to do everything so that good may conquer. God doesn’t want us to be puppets, he wants us to obey him freely, and voluntarily choose to love him and each other. Love is not genuine if there is no option. Growing up, I watched my mom suffer through mental, emotional, and physical abuse from her relationship with my father. But in the end, I believe their love outweighed evil and conquered all. Love and evil are real, they stand in the closest relationship to each
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