Evil In The Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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It’s WWII times and you’re on a plane when the plane suddenly crashes onto a remote island. You and everyone one else that had survived the crash are not even adults, barely even teenagers at the matter. The only way to stay alive is to not give into the temptation of evil that is growing with you and the other boys’ hearts. Welcome to the life of Ralph on Conch Island from Lord of The Flies by William Golding. He has to try and stay alive while dealing with a not so physically adapt ally and a pack of monsters society would call little boys. The only way to control them is with a conch until the boys, hopefully, get saved unless the monster destroys them all. That monster, of course, is the evil within everyone’s hearts.
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The first time Jack brings up his desires to kill is prompted during the descriptions of him hunting, as described by Golding, ‘"I went on. I thought, by myself—" The madness came into his eyes again. "I thought I might kill.’"(Page 37-40) The fact that a twelve year-old boy is getting urges to kill really supports the fact that evil is within everyone by showing how a young boy would kill on impulse.
Another time the theme is shown when the boys are singing their cute little song about murdering, “‘Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! ...’” (Page 89-99) Again, a pack of choir boys and a few other children explicitly describing ways to commit murder, which they accordingly do twice within the story because of their natural impulses. Ordinarily, that doesn’t happen in everyday society. If something is an impulse, notwithstanding that the impulse it’s either the ID’s way of saying you’re in danger or the idea of that specific thing is buried somewhere within one’s subconscious. That really does show how evil the boys have let out of themselves in such a short amount of time without anyone to stop them. Now, the last few paragraphs aren’t just saying that ‘evil is within everyone’ is the only theme with Lord of The Flies by William Golding, moreover that the whole story has different themes for each chapter. Nevertheless, the whole book is littered with themes that could be the main theme. Another very
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