Evil Is Good Or Evil?

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Evil is the privation of goodness; in other words, evil is goodness spoiled. You can have good without evil, but you cannot have evil without good. There are forces of good and evil constantly working against each other in this world. Although it may seem as if evil has won sometimes, good will always prevail in the end. In Genesis 1-2, we can read that God created all things and called them “good.” Evil, or sin, is inescapable for humanity. We were born with a sin nature, and God loves us and has given everyone a chance for redemption anyways. God has and always will conquer sin in the end, but for now, it is our choice to side with either evil or good. God created us in his image, but he does not want to hold absolute control over us. Part of his promise to us is our power of free will. Of course, God only wants what is best for his children, but he cannot live our lives for us. Just like an earthly mother or father loves their child with all their heart and only wants the best for them all their lives. But, there always comes a day when they must let their child go and experience life on their own and make their own decisions. And that is exactly what God has done for us; he has let us go, only in hopes that we will make the right decisions and return to him. God’s love for us is unconditional and unwavering, no matter what we may do to disappoint and betray him. There are two types of evil; natural and moral. Moral evil is what people do to people, whereas natural evil

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