Evil Is The Devoid Of Good Intentions

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What is evil? I believe that evil is the devoid of good intentions. Evil can also corrupt an individual and society and evil can cause suffering. Evil is also wicked that causes harm, crime, misfortune, and in some instances war. Throughout this course I have been able to study evil in eastern religions, Hinduism and Buddhism respectively. There representation of evil is far different than my view of evil was before this class. In this paper, I will discuss the evil ideologies of both religions and then choose which ideology that I prefer. Hinduism has a very interesting aspect to evil. I learned this right way though our reading of the Ramayana. The Ramayana is all about two main elements; demons and devotion. Ravana, is a demon Rakshasa and is “in love” with Sita. Sita is the sister of Rama and is taken by Ravana. Ravana heard that their was a beautiful maiden and he was just in love with the description that he was getting of her. Ravana said that he needs to go and get her. Ravana than comes up with his master plan. He tells Mareecha to disguise himself as a deer and try to lead Rama to chase you into the forest. When Rama runs into the forest Ravana swoops in and takes Sita to Lanka, where Ravana is king (The Ramayana). At this point Ravana has Sita which is good, it is what he wanted there is only one problem. Ravana can not touch Sita because she does not love him. So at this point it is very boring until the big battle. During the big battle between
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