Evil, Moral And Natural Evil

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For centuries human beings have been questioning the existence of God. This has led to numerous questions and theories. For instance, if God is all-know, all-loving, all-powerful then why does he allow tragedies, natural disasters and overall bad things to occur? Is he willing to remove all evils but not able to? Then he must not be all powerful. The Greek philosopher Epicurus stated: is he able but not willing? Then God must not be all good. Is he able and willing? Then why is there evil? Or is God neither? In that case why is there a being called God? These particular questions lead to the problem of evil argument, which is an argument against the existence of God. Evil is all things that are bad in the world. There are two types of evil, moral and natural evil. This includes physical pain, emotional suffering, unfairness and morally wrong deeds. In this world that God has created his guidance and care has been almost non-existent. There are a large number of kind, innocent people who have experienced tragedy as a result of all the evil in the world, some have even lost their lives.

It has become the given that bad things happen in our world and that God does not intervene. Given that there is all this evil in the world there is a certain kind of God that can not possibly cease to exist alongside this evil. If this God were to exist, then it must be the case that he would have known that the all this evil existed, he would have not wanted it to happen and he would have

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