Evil Tendencies of Jack Merridew in William Golding´s Lord of the Flies

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One character, Jack Merridew in Lord of the Flies by William Golding, is a perfect example. This young boy is the evolving antagonist who brings discord in his wake, and fundamentally undermines the representative society on the island. At the outset, he is seen as a plainly ugly redheaded child, only possessing his grandiose black cloak, but evolves into something more sinister. Jack’s actions are impulsive, but effective in moving his darker motives forward. He uses his following of other young boys as muscle, demonstrates his power, and corrupts the world of Lord of the Flies with his destructive behaviors. As well as demonstrating the characteristics of a harsh leader, Jack fits the description of evil under other descriptions. Jack is the character that moves the novel forward with his harsh words and conduct, as illustrated by his dominance, pride, and selfishness. Dominance is a strong trait in Jack, showing this through his brash actions quickly. His character is introduced with a sense of authority. “The boy who controlled them [the choir] was dressed in the same way though his cap badge was golden.” Before one even knows Jack’s name, he is demonstrated to be the leader by wearing a color at a higher rank than the rest. Jack is the leader of his choir group of schoolboys, and frequently asserts his dominance by yelling at the young children to “stand still!” and follow his orders. Although…
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