Evil Vs. Good And Evil

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Evil vs. Good-Which One Shall Gain Control?

Good and evil are a contradiction that works together. What I mean by this

statement is that although good and evil are two very separate things, they could not exist

without each other. Good is anything of which can be morally right. Evil is anything of

profound wickedness. They are very different, aren’t they? Now, read a newspaper, listen

to a story, or turn on the news. It is not definite, but you most likely will hear about an

occurrence that caused someone harm. Nowadays, people mostly hear about slashing in

the streets, kidnappings, murders, and so many more gruesome things. These are all

examples of evil. Now, listen some more. In some cases, there are heroes, who protect

people from these tragic events. And, since heroes are doing good, while criminals are

doing bad, they sort of are working together.

I am not at all saying that bad things are really considered something we need in

our lives. For example, wouldn’t it be so much better for kids to walk to school not in

fear that because they live in a shady neighborhood, they might get hurt? Or wouldn’t we

all be happy if robbers did not exist and we would not have to lock almost everything we

own? Well, we would be happier, but there is very little way to stop evil, even in one

city! There is a population of approximately seven billion people in the world, so even

one city would be insanely difficult to protect. The truth is, there are so…

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