Evil Women

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Are all women evil? Women are evil and useless! In the book King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table by Roger Green, women are made out to be evil. Women are portrayed as demonic, liars, and useless. The first reason that women are evil is because many of them turn into demons, “Then he cried to god for help, and made the sign of the cross upon his forehead . . .” “And the damsel screamed aloud: Alas Sir Percivale you have betrayed me!” “Then the great, pure wind took her also, and she went with it across the sea, shrieking horribly, and it seemed that all the water burnt after her.” ( p.p. 253-254). Sir Percivale is tempted to kiss the damsel he stops and makes a cross on his forehead. After he makes the cross, the damsel turns demonic,
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